Recalls for Customer Service

Hudson RCI Sheridan Sher-I-Bronch Endobroncial Tube by Teleflex Medical: Class I Recall - Connector May Crack or Separate
08/26/2015 Medical Recall

The connector may break or separate on the tube. If this happens, the device may leak, causing the patient to not receive enough oxygen (hypoxia) or experience respiratory distress.

  • Company:
    Teleflex Medical
Smiths Medical Portex Low Dead Space Connector with Sideport, 3.5mm: Class I Recall- One Lot Mislabeled
06/13/2014 Medical Recall

One lot of 3.0mm sized connectors were placed in packages labeled as 3.5mm.

  • Company:
    Smiths Medical
CO2 Multi Absorber by Vital Signs Devices: Field Corrective Action - Loss of Anesthetic Gases, Ventilation and Oxygenation
01/01/2014 Medical Recall

A potential safety issue due to air leakage associated with the CO2 Multi Absorber.

  • Company:
    GE Healthcare Company
FreeStyle and FreeStyle Lite Blood Glucose Test Strips by Abbott: Recall - Erroneously Low Blood Glucose Results
11/28/2013 Medical Recall

Falsely low blood glucose results can lead patients to try to raise their blood glucose when it is unnecessary, or to fail to treat elevated blood glucose due to a falsely low reading.

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    Customer Service
Voluntary Field Corrective Action Issued for GE Healthcare's Avance, Aisys and Avance CS2 Anesthesia Delivery Systems
10/15/2013 Food Recall

GE Healthcare has initiated a voluntary field corrective action for the Avance, Aisys and Avance CS2 anesthesia delivery systems with 8.00 (Avance and Aisys) or 10.00 (Avance CS2) software due to a potential safety issue. The affected units were manufactured from February 2011 through July 2013.

  • Company:
    GE Healthcare