Recalls for Dialysis

Dianeal Low Calcium (2.5mEq/L) Peritoneal Dialysis Solution with 2.5 Percent Dextrose 5000mL (Ambu-Flex II): Recall - Presence of Particulate Matter
08/15/2014 Medical Recall

Particulate matter could potentially serve as a focal point for infection should any pre-existing peritonitis exist, and may lead to a fatal outcome.

  • Company:
    Baxter International Inc.
DIANEAL PD-2 Peritoneal Dialysis Solution with 1.5 Percent Dextrose 6000mL: Recall - Contamination With Mold
03/07/2014 Medical Recall

Administration of a product contaminated with mold could result in life-threatening fungal peritoneal infection or sepsis.

  • Company:
    Baxter International