Recalls for Physician

Lifesaver Single Patient Use Manual Resuscitator by Teleflex Hudson RCI: Class I Recall - Intake Port Blockage
07/02/2015 Medical Recall

Recalled device may not deliver breathing support to the patient. A delay in treatment may potentially lead to patient injury or death.

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Hudson RCI Pediatric Anesthesia Breathing Circuits by Teleflex Medical: Class I Recall - Circuit Ends May Crack or Break
10/07/2014 Medical Recall

Defect could cause serious health risks, including delayed patient treatment, breathing difficulties, or death if not replaced immediately.

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    Teleflex Medical
Pharmacy Creations Certain Products: Recall – Potential Non-Sterility
09/06/2014 Medical Recall

Compromised sterility of a product may lead to risk for infection

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    Pharmacy Creations
Specialty Compounding Sterile Products: FDA Alert - Bacterial Infections
08/09/2013 Medical Recall

Bacterial infections have been potentially associated with contaminated calcium gluconate infusions.

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    Specialty Compounding, LLC