Recalls for 02/27/2014

02/27/2014 Vehicle Recall

Eldorado National (California), Inc. (Eldorado) is recalling certain model year 2005-2012 Axess, 2006-2013 E-Z Rider II and 2013 Passport buses equipped with Sure Power-brand battery equalizers or DC-DC converters containing a particular epoxy sealing, aka 'potting', compound. The specific potting compound used in the subject products for insulation was found to be capable of conducting electricity after being exposed to heat.

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    Eldorado National
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Testosterone Products: Drug Safety Communication - FDA Investigating Risk of Cardiovascular Events
01/31/2014 Medical Recall

FDA assessing safety issues based on two separate studies that suggested an increased risk of cardiovascular events among groups of men prescribed testosterone therapy.

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    Health Care
Mega Slim Herbal Appetite Management Pills by YoungYou International: Recall - Presence of DMAA
01/31/2014 Medical Recall

DMAA may cause a rise in blood pressure or other cardiovascular problems such as shortness of breath, tightening in the chest or heart attack.

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YoungYou International Issues Voluntary Recall of Mega Slim Herbal Appetite Management Pills Due to Presence of DMAA
01/31/2014 Food Recall

YoungYou International (“YoungYou”) is voluntarily recalling Mega Slim Herbal Appetite Management, one pill a day, sold from September 15, 2013 through January 23, 2014 at the consumer level. Mega Slim Herbal Appetite Management was found to contain DMAA.

  • Company:
    Young You Corporation
  • Problem
    Product contains 1,3 dimethylamylamine, Methylhexanamine or Geranium extract