Recalls for 11/07/2013

Bailey’s Choice Expands Product Recall of Dog Treats in Georgia
11/07/2013 Food Recall

Agriculture Commissioner Gary W. Black is alerting Georgians to the expanded recall of particular packages of Bailey’s Choice dog treats sold in Georgia. These products have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella and should be discarded.

  • Company:
    Bailey’s Choice Dog Treats, LLC
  • Problem
Vans Recalls Boy’s Hooded Jackets with Drawstrings Due to Strangulation Hazard
11/07/2013 Product Recall

The jackets were sold with drawstrings through the hood around the neck area. These drawstrings are a hazard to young children.

  • Company:
    Vans Inc., of Cypress, Calif. 
  • Product:
    Boy’s hooded jackets 
  • Problem
    Electrocution Hazard
  • Recall Number