Basler Electric Recalls Transformers Due to Fire, Shock Hazards (Recall Alert)

This recall involves Basler Class 2 electric transformers with date codes between 1435 and 1446 which use a Tyco circuit breaker. The date code is located on the top line of the transformer's data plate.

Recall Details
  • Hazard
    The circuit breaker in the transformer can fail to trip, posing fire and electrical shock hazards.
  • Remedy
  • Incidents
    None reported
  • Consumer Action
    Manufacturers and distributors should immediately stop distributing the recalled transformers and contact Basler to receive free replacement transformers. Due to the risk of shock, consumers should not attempt to open or replace the recalled transformers on their own but should contact the manufacturer of their product for further instructions. Basler has notified manufacturers and distributors about the recall directly. 
  • Sold At
    Basler Electric to manufacturers and distributors of end products that contain these transformers from September 2014 to Novermber 2014 for various prices.
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