Apple Recalls Travel Adapter Kits and Plugs Due to Risk of Electric Shock

This recall involves Apple World Travel Adapter Kits and wall plug adapters.  The kits contain three-prong and two-prong AC wall plug adapters that fit different electrical outlets worldwide. The recalled adapters were made for use in Australia/New Zealand/Argentina, Brazil, Continental Europe and Korea and were also sold with Mac computers and iOS devices. The wall plug adapters are white plastic with the following characteristics:

Recall Details
  • Hazard
    The two-prong wall plug adapters for Australia/New Zealand/Argentina, Brazil, Continental Europe and Korea can break and expose the metal portion of the adapter, posing an electric shock risk.
  • Remedy
  • Incidents
    Apple has received 12 reports of wall plug adapters breaking and consumers receiving shocks overseas, including three reports of consumers who were medically evaluated and released. No reports of incidents or injuries were reported by U.S. consumers.  
  • Consumer Action
    Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled wall plug adapters and contact Apple for free replacement adapters.  
  • Sold At
    Apple stores and other home electronics stores, and online at from January 2003 through January 2015 for about $30.
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