Anchor Industries Recalls Safety Pool Covers Due to Drowning Risk (Recall Alert)

This recall involves mesh and solid-material Anchor 5-Star, Anchor Mesh, Classic Solid and Defender Mesh brand custom safety pool covers. The covers’ cables are connected to the pool wall using brass-plated snap hooks with a gold-tone spring tab, a seam and a hook end with a bezel. The date of manufacture appears on the warning label on the underside of each pool cover. Manufacture dates of “Sep 14,” “Oct 14” and “Nov 14” are subject to the recall. “Manufactured by Anchor Industries, Inc.” also appears on the label.

Recall Details
  • Hazard
    The brass-plated snap hooks used to connect the cover’s cables to the wall can break, posing a drowning risk.
  • Remedy
  • Incidents
    The firm has received 20 reports of snap hook failure. No injuries have been reported. 
  • Consumer Action
    Consumers should immediately contact their pool cover dealer to schedule an inspection and replacement of the snap hooks.
  • Sold At
    Independent pool supply stores and dealers nationwide from September 2014 to November 2014 for about $3,000.
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