E-One Incorporated (E-One) is recalling one 2018 Typhoon emergency vehicle equipped with a Hale SmartFoam 6.5 foam pump system with a 12 volt power supply. The foam pump system can overheat and fail, causing fire fighting foam chemical to be unavailable to fight a fire.

  • Hazard
    If the fire fighting foam chemical injection is unavailable, it can impact the fire fighting and/or vapor mitigation efforts, which increases the risk of injury to bystanders and emergency personnel.
  • Consumer Action
    E-One will notify owners, and a Hale dealer will replace the SmartFoam 6.5 12 volt system with SmartFoam 6.5 24 volt system and a voltage converter, free of charge. The recall is expected to begin October 14, 2019. Owners may contact E-One customer service at 1-352-861-3612 or Hale at 1-800-533-3569.
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